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Attleborough in War Time

Written by Major J. H. Kennedy and published privately in 1919 this book provides a record of the contribution the little town of Attleborough made to the allied victory in the Great War of 1914 - 1918, both at the front and within its own environs.

Situated in the county of Norfolk, on the road from Cambridge to Norwich, about 23 km. before you actually arrive in the city. Besides the cider factory, Attleborough’s main claim to fame seems to be that in 1549 it was the centre of the “Enclosures” rebellion when the locals tore down the fences the landowners were constructing to enclose what had previously been common land. And yet in this later time of national crisis, out of a total population of 2,500 souls, 550 of the town’s men served in the armed forces.

The book keeps alive the memory of these brave souls by recording the names and service records of each one as well as separately listing the Roll of Honor of those who gave their lives in the conflict. Not that the remaining inhabitants stood idly by. A good part of the book records the happenings in Attleborough in support of the war effort, the raising of funds, the establishment of hospitals and the special contributions by both individuals and local companies, all ably set, by the author, against the larger background of the progress of the fighting. This is a “golden” resource for anyone researching ancestors with connections to this otherwise ordinary little town in rural Norfolk. The text of the book is fully computer searchable and search speed is enhanced by our FastFind technology. You will find a free Sampler of this CD on our Downloads page.

Please join with us in thanking Caroline K Herbert for being so generous as to allow us to to make this digital edition available to you. See also More information link below.

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